Your Move

From planning and packing to delivery and unloading we are your one-stop shop to make your move as easy as possible. Along with 24/7 service and same day delivery, we can help you plan your move from start to finish. We help with packing, taking inventory of your property, heavy lifting and more. We provide preparation tips for DIY packing, information on long or short term storage arrangements along with advantageous pick-up and delivery options.

For our DIY packers here are a few tips to help you stay organized and get ready for moving day:

  • Separately stack heavy boxes from light/medium-weight boxes, this will insure less handling time and keep lightweight and fragile boxes off the bottom when loaded onto the truck
  • Tape all boxes closed and mark with the room they will be going to. Be sure to mark sensitive items as “fragile
  • Empty the contents of refrigerators, cabinets and desks. Remove small, fragile and valuable items from file cabinets and drawers.
  • Disassemble bed frames and put all hardware into plastic bags that can be stored in a nightstand drawer to insure against loss during transiy

Download our complete guide of moving preparation and packing tips!